Sweet Home Theatre Setup-The RAF

Some of the best home theatre setups are modular in nature,   They can, as the months and years go by and technology improves, be taken apart with relative ease and rebuilt with the new and improved technology.  After all, 1080p may just be the beginning.

And over on The RAF Home Theatre, the site’s owner has set out for you the story of a home theatre setup almost a decade in the making.  For instance, he’s upgraded the projector at least once, and added a Playstation 3 to serve as both gaming device and Blu-Ray player, which is actually really smart.  Meanwhile, he’s also got the standard array of speakers in there, and for home theatre furniture, he’s got what look like a few actual home theatre seats and a slew of wall shelves for movies.

It’s a good setup in that it’s very easily converted in the event of new technology, so it’s definitely got the versatility edge that a lot of other setups would have a hard time matching because of lots of hardwired points.  What if this guy had put up paneling and such?  That would’ve been a disaster for him, trying to move things around and get stuff broken out so he could replace both it and whatever paneling he’d put up.

No, this is a sweet home theatre setup–it’s got plenty of room to grow, and can accomplish most tasks set before it with a minimum of difficulty.