Sweet Home Theatre Setup – The Opera House

Some home theatre setups aren’t sweet because of what they have so much of what they have, as what they look like.  And while this sweet home theatre setup has plenty of hardware, it’s also beautiful to look at.  It’s a full-on opera house setup, and looks so authentic I expect scarred phantoms to emerge at any moment and force me to sing.

This basement home theatre comes with three DVD players and a JVC QX-01 projector, but it also has a marquee, box office, AND stocked concession stand.  It was actually an addition to the house, and required a huge hole to be dug in the owners’ front lawn that stretched into the driveway and required the gutting of a whole room in the main house.

There’s no doubt that, because of everything this home theatre is, and all it offers, and all it took to be brought into existence, that this must be called a sweet home theatre setup.