Sweet Home Theatre Setup – The Indy Jones Memorial Theatre

Well, that’s it for me, folks.  I’m done.  Stick a fork in me and watch the clear juices flow.

Because after seeing the Indy Jones home theatre, I can no longer process awesome.

I thought the Star Wars home theatre was a slice of heaven, but this might well take even THAT grandiose cake away.  Oh, sure, it’s got all the normal components–speakers and projector and such–but where this thing REALLY shines is in the design.  Notice also that, while it’s not a chocolate brown, it IS a darkish tan color, so you know the contrast has to be at least pretty good.

Also known as the Temple of Boom, this theatre’s got a whole slew of Indy props and memorabilia, including a reproduction of the monkey that ate the poisoned dates in Raiders of the Lost Ark.  The Holy Grail from Last Crusade is in there, along with a version of the idol Indy swapped out for a bag of sand in the opening minutes of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

It’s clear that this sweet home theatre setup isn’t sweet for what it shows, but for what it is.  Just looking at it makes me want to sit through the trilogy again, and I’ve got another window open to my Netflix queue right now.