Sweet Home Theatre Setup – The Bentley

There’s a couple out in California that loves their Bentley so much that, when the time came to build a home theatre, they decided to build it around the Bentley name and logo.

Of course, it’s not just logos and shiny trim that makes this home theatre a truly sweet setup–no sir.  There’s plenty else to be had here.  In fact, check out the component list they included when talking about the construction of the home theatre setup: a Marantz SR 8002 Surround Receiver, a Marantz VP11S2 DLP Projector, a Marantz DV9600 DVD Player, a Stewart Filmscreen 124″ Luxus Deluxe Screen, three Sonance SILHOUETTE II In-wall LCR Speakers, four Sonance CinemaII Ultra Surround In-wall Speakers and plenty more, including the D-Box chairs we previously highlighted.

You can see how they went with Marantz gear for pretty much everything but the speakers, which is about the ideal for home theatre construction–going with one brand as much as possible, that is. When you combine great looks with great function, you get what can only be called a sweet home theatre setup.