Sweet Home Theatre Setup – The Batcave

The sweet home theatre concept is seldom sweeter than when it’s themed, and one of the greatest home theatres I’ve seen since, well, since yesterday is–get this–THE BATCAVE.

I spend a lot of time in this beat being downright amazed by what people are willing to do with a few thousand bucks, and the Bat Cave design from Elite Home Theatre Seating definitely qualifies.

When you’re dealing with a theatre like that you could be watching your movies on a fifteen inch black and white Sanyo with a rolling picture and a scratchy speaker and it’d still be six different shades of awesome.  For crying out loud, there are actual stalactites in there–or is it stalagmites?  I’m no geologist!–leather seating for twelve and at least a projector and screen.

Sure, they’re being somewhat tight-lipped on the cost and equipment details, but there’s no doubt that watching movies in even a reasonable facsimile of the Batcave is entirely too awesome for words.  This has to qualify as a sweet home theatre setup.