Sweet Home Theatre Setup – The Back Fringe Theatre

Give a cheer to the do it yourself home theatre spirit, folks, because when you’ve got three years and about twenty grand, a lot of sheer determination and grit, you too can make a sweet home theatre setup that celebrates golf.

It’s got a very eclectic mix of equipment, which in this case basically means he’s got a whole lot of stuff that really doesn’t fit in well with anything, but it all still works anyway.  For instance, he’s got an Adcom amplifier, a Harman-Kardon receiver, and a used NC CRT projector.  His speakers are all Polk audio and he’s got a ReplayTV DVR and three separate CD changers along with a Sony VCR.

He’s also got a small putting green in there with a regulation metal cup he got secondhand from a golf course, plus an equipment rack.  He’s been doing it in the modular style, which we recommend here for its efficiency and long-term value; in fact, about the only piece of original equipment he’s got in there is a Pioneer cassette tape changer.  Why a cassette tape changer?  As its owner puts it, “you never know”.

Indeed, you never do know, and that, along with a passion for golf, is what makes this a really sweet home theatre setup.