Sweet Home Theatre Setup-Star Trek Enterprise D Bridge

So I managed to find another sweet home theatre setup that went with a theme–yes, it’s true that most home theatre enthusiasts are geeks at heart, so it’s not too big a surprise that they went with an Enterprise D theme.

It contains one of the largest home theatre storage systems known to man: a Kaleidescape hard-drive driven system.  Eight servers come together to store three thousand eight hundred sixteen DVDs, or, just over fifteen terabytes of storage.

The components are actually of secondary importance alongside the props and models from the original Star Trek: The Next Generation series, including a “Red Alert” button that turns all the LEDs flashing red and emits the ACTUAL RED ALERT SOUND.  From the series.

This home theatre was also the 2007 CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association) award winner for top theme theatre.

And if CEDIA’s willing to say it, so am I–this is one truly sweet home theatre setup.