Sweet Home Theatre Setup-Sometimes Simplest Is Best

So I found another pic from a proud home theatre owner who showed off his setup; let’s take a look at this one from Hab Boy out on the Digital Home forum.

You can see, right off, that it’s a much simpler setup than the really elaborate stuff we see with basement setups.  This one might actually be above ground, or possibly in an offset side of the basement.  The TV is smaller than the ordinary, I believe that’s a 37-inch model, and the speakers are mounted to the wall.

I have to wonder if he’d have better audio if that table full of pictures weren’t there–sound is a funny animal and is easily distorted by too much stuff in the room.  Waves can be absorbed into surfaces and such.  I’d say that he might also want to get a dedicated cabinet for all his AV gear instead of stacking it on tables and on top of what looks like an electric fireplace.

But still, this is a good home theatre setup, especially if you’re looking to do something that doesn’t require huge reconstruction efforts, and should be easy enough for most to replicate at home.  Sweet home theatre setup, Hab Boy, and many happen rewinds!