Sweet Home Theatre Setup-Scarface

I’ve seen a whole lot of movie-themed home theatre setups.  I’ve seen a lot of Star Trek, and plenty of Star Wars.  I’ve seen two Nautiluses and even a sci-fi prison ship.  But this may well be the first I’ve ever seen devoted to the man, the legend, Tony Montana.

Featuring a screen with a three hundred inch diagonal (that’s twenty five feet!) set on a motorized track to raise or lower it as needed, and includes eight large speakers in fiberglass shells made to resemble rocks and scattered around the pool.  Plus, there’s a full rack of amps to power them.

This is a sweet home theatre setup if for no other reason than using it to its fullest would either stun small animals or get you arrested.  The whole neighborhood can probably hear when you’ve got a movie cranked up, and either mutters blackly while putting in their earplugs, or knows that’s their cue to grab the chips / beer / what have you and head over for the potluck.