Sweet Home Theatre Setup-PatrickBosley

Over on PatrickBosley.com, Patrick Bosley’s been a busy fella.  He has, from what I can tell, been restructuring his basement space into three different subsections–office space, an aquarium and the part that means something to us, a home theatre.

It’s nothing very elaborate–he’s got a projection screen and a few speakers, three of which are front mounted, suggesting a surround sound system.  He’s used what looks like an old couch for home theatre seating, and put the whole thing in a finished basement.

Despite what some may tell you, and despite what you frequently see here, this is really all you need for a home theatre setup.  He’s taken care of the light issue by putting it in the basement, he’s got the visible media, he’s got the sound taken care of–he can go down and watch movies all he pleases.  This is, at its roots, a home theatre in the truest definition.  There aren’t a whole lot of bells and whistles, no fancy seats or extra options.  No snack bar or anything else–just a projector, a screen and some speakers.  Maximum options, minimum cost.

This is the kind of thing you could probably do on a budget of six hundred bucks, aside from the cost of finishing the basement, of course.  And for the fact that you’ve got a sweet, simple home theatre setup, we salute Patrick Bosley’s sweet home theatre setup.