Sweet Home Theatre Setup-Michael Piwonka

Michael Piwonka, who likes to show off the various facets of his life over at piwonka dot com on Blogger, gave us a look at his sweet home theatre setup.

Of course, this sweet setup contains the standard things you’d expect to find–a windowless room with a projector and speakers, but he’s done some things that somewhat separate this from the norm.  One, check out those speaker mounts.  Those are actually birdbath stands that he got at Home Depot.  And for home theatre furniture, he’s got an old futon (apparently he had to fight his wife to get that included in there) and what looks like a chaise lounge.

And also notice that the room is painted in a flat brown, not quite the ideal chocolate brown intended to give the best possible contrast, but definitely closer than, say, blue.

Michael Piwonka definitely has a sweet home theatre setup, and we all hope he’s getting plenty of great movie watching time in on it.