Sweet Home Theatre Setup: Jshel101

One thing you can always say for the people who build their own home theatre setups is that they are deeply passionate about that which they do.  Everyone’s home theatre setup is different–you may not go as far as DeVan Shumway did, but you might prefer something a little simpler in mind.  Let’s take a look at one from Jshel101 on the Digital Home forum.

Now, what Jshel’s got here really isn’t so much a “home theatre” in the strictest sense as it is a TV room.  You can see he’s got a couch in there for seating, a couple of overhead speakers, and what looks like a 56″ inch TV instead of a screen and projector setup.  He’s used recessed lighting, and other photos show he shares the space with an air hockey table and what looks like an elliptical machine, possibly for use whilst watching movies.

This probably does pretty well for his needs, and there’s no denying that he’s got pretty much everything he could ask for, but I’m a little leery of calling it a home theatre.  It’s missing some of the most common components, and seems to be a bit lacking in others.  I do, however, love the movie posters all to death.

He’s got a pretty sweet home theatre setup here…but it’s not as sweet as some I’ve seen.  Great job, Jshel101, and many happy movies!