Sweet Home Theatre Setup – John From TwoWiresThin

The senior network administrator for a broadband ISP has done some absolutely amazing things with his sweet home theatre setup, and when you get a gander at this, you’ll have to agree just how sweet it is.  He’s got entirely too many pics to show here, so here’s the link back to his vast array.

First off, yes, he DID put this in an interior room with a window, but what he did to fix the window issue is just plain old amazing–he’s blocked it off.  Seriously, he put, at the very least, the screen in front of it, and likely he just went ahead and covered it completely with at the very least a layer of plywood, and quite possibly just drywalled over it. Talk about your final solution to the lighting problem!  And of course, the theatre is painted in chocolate brown for that contrast-maximizing effect.

Of course, he’s also got all the great components in there, like a projector and speakers and all the stuff you might expect, but what REALLY makes this a sweet home theatre setup is the fact that he’s included a LOBBY.  And included in that lobby is a popcorn machine, a “butter flavored topping” dispenser that dispenses actual “butter flavored topping” and an array of theatre candies that he had to special order.

It’s not the components that make John’s home theatre so unarguably sweet, it’s the lengths he went to to recreate the theatre experience at home.  So kudos, John, and many happy movies!