Sweet Home Theatre Setup – Jeremy Kipnis

I don’t know who Jeremy Kipnis is offhand–he’s not as immediately recognizable as, say, Warren Buffett or Bill Gates–but man…the guy positively loves his home theatre.

How much does he love it?  Not a bushel, not a peck, nor a hug around the neck…but SIX MILLION DOLLARS worth of love.

And you thought Fifty Cent’s home theatre was a study in overkill!  This makes his look like a sick old woman.

Chances are you’re wondering what you get for that kind of dough.  Well, here’s the rundown: Kipnis’ mammoth system includes  a screen with four times the resolution of 1080p HDTV, 8.8 channel surround sound setup with sixteen speakers, a “laboratory grade” eighteen by ten foot screen and a hundred thousand dollar projector.

You also get as many geek points as you can stuff in your pants pockets.

This may well be the sweetest home theatre system I’ve ever seen, until someone manages to create a projector that can play O Brother Where Art Thou? on the face of the moon.  Jeremy Kipnis, here’s to you, buddy.