Sweet Home Theatre Setup – Irish Theatre

You’ve got to hand it to anyone who wants to go with a regional theme for their home theatre setup, and for Marc McManus, all it took was one year and sixty grand to recreate a little bit of Ireland in what once was his basement.

Naturally, he’s got an amazing array of equipment here, a list of which he’s actually provided.  Check this setup out: a Panasonic AE-2000U projector, Denon AVR-3808CI home theater receiver, a DaLite 100” Cinema Vision screen, a Klipsch RF-82 left/right speaker, a Klipsch RC-62 center speaker,  Klipsch RS-42 side surrounds, Speakercraft AIM7 back surrounds, two Velodyne DLS-4000R 12” powered subwoofers, and plenty more besides.

Oh, and did I mention the attached bar?  Yeah…he’s also got a pocket Irish pub wedged in there.  To prove how far he went with this, he actually planned it out with AutoCAD before he built it.  Between the sheer depth of detail in the surroundings, and the sheer magnitude of hardware he’s got running in there, it’s got to be called a sweet home theatre setup.

There’s just nothing else it can be called.