Sweet Home Theatre Setup – Gotapex

Over on the Subdriven forums, one on the users, a fella with the unusual name of Gotapex (I’m assuming it’s a he, of course, I could be wrong) has put up some pics of his absolutely sweet home theatre system, and there’s plenty right about it.

Okay, first off, I know that I’ve been saying a LOT lately that chocolate brown is the ideal color for a home theatre, done to maximize contrast.  And I know that Gotapex’s is white as opposed to that.  Moreover, I know that I’ve been railing against putting viewing devices on fireplace chimneys because of the possible interference of cold and possibly heat.  But this is different in that he’s put a projection screen instead of a flat panel TV up there, so a square of fabric is DEFINITELY going to be a lot less susceptible to cold and heat variances than an entire TV, so we can leave that as is.

What’s better is that he’s got all the right bits of equipment in there, too–a five-speaker surround sound mix, a subwoofer, modular spacing for his receivers and other components (he actually describes swapping out the HDTV receiver) and of course, a collection of nice leather recliners.  There’s a LOT to love in that system, and only a handful of nits to pick about the whole thing.

There’s no doubt that Gotapex has a sweet home theatre setup, and when you check it out here, you’ll be amazed by what you find.