Sweet Home Theatre Setup – Fanbrain


I’ve just seen a home theatre that does nothing but astonish me.  You can see from the pic that it’s a picture of absolute cinematic beauty, but what you don’t know is that room’s dimensions.  That whole space is built into a room that measures just twelve by twenty feet.

Yes, you are looking at a screen with a hundred and twenty four inch diagonal.  The screen is, technically, larger than the room itself. Technically–it works when you consider your pythagorean theorem.  Even better, the room also boasts TWO in-wall Triad bronze subwoofers–yes, TWO subwoofers!  Plus, Yamaha processor, Anthem amps, an Infocus IN82 full acoustic treatments and audio/video calibrations.  And as if that weren’t enough, unless I’m sorely mistaken, that looks like stadium seating.  Stadium seating!  In some guy’s HOUSE!  Okay, so stadium seating really doesn’t require any more than some two by fours for framing, but still!

There’s no doubt that Fanbrain’s sweet home theatre setup, with it’s somewhat tight spacing but incredible use of every micron, is a truly sweet setup.