Sweet Home Theatre Setup – Chancellor Palpatines Office

Ordinarily, when you think about a Star Wars themed home theatre, you think about the Death Star or the Millenium Falcon or maybe just a whole load of props.  You generally don’t, however, start thinking about Chancellor Palpatine’s office.  In fact, that may be the LAST thing you think about alongside, say, an Ewok village or Dagobah.

But for one Star Wars buff, an incredible simulation of Chancellor Palpatine’s plush office on Coruscant sounded like just the ticket when he built his home theatre.

Now, you can be impressed by the level of detail in that simulation–it actually DOES looka lot like Palpatine’s office–but it’s not just the detail that’s awesome.  There’s plenty of choice gadgetry going on in there, including a Marantz single-chip DLP 1080p projector and a 103-inch Vutec 16:9 screen with horizontal masking.  On the audio front, this sucker’s packing Anthem processing and amplifiers and an array of B&W speakers and Velodyne subwoofers.

With all that incredible hardware coupled with amazing attention to detail, Chancellor Palpatine’s office sounds like a great place to settle in with a movie, and definitely qualifies as a sweet home theatre setup.