Sweet Home Theatre Setup-Chad Dyess

Over on Chad Dyess’ blog, he’s posted a few pics of his home theatre setup, and I tell you straight out, it is indeed a sweet home theatre setup.

Not only did he construct it specifically to standards, he’s also tricked it out with a whole slew of awesome components.  He actually put up a list of them: a Mitsubishi WS-65869 1080i HDTV, DirecTV HR20-100 HD DVR, NMediaPC 288BA HTPC with Windows Vista Media Center, JVC RX-8000V Receiver, JBL surround speakers, Sony 120 watt subwoofer, Philips Pronto Pro TSU7000 touchscreen remote, and an X-10 for controlling the lights and ceiling fan.

Better yet, he’s got plans for expansion, including replacing the HDTV (replacing it!) with a projector and replacing the couches he’s currently using for home theatre seating with actual leather home theatre seats.

And that’s what’s so sweet about this particular setup–it’s sufficiently modular that portions of it can be removed and replaced as better parts become available. This allows for maximum utility as anything better becomes part of the new system.  Chad Dyess, you’ve got one sweet home theatre setup.