Sweet Home Theatre Setup – Biff18

Over at HardForum, a user named Biff18 put up some pics of his fairly sweet home theatre setup, and shows what can be done when you go simply with it.

Like I said, he’s gone pretty simply–he’s installed his computer in a chair nearby so he can be closer to his family, and he’s got a simple array of components.  A three-speaker audio system, for one–based on the pics I’ve seen its not a surround sound system because there’s nothing to the back.  He’s got what looks like a rear projection TV in there, and a variety of components to round it out in an entertainment center.

First, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one using a recliner as a desk chair. Seriously, who’d ever want to bother with those ridiculous desk chairs you see at Office Max when you could put the same amount of money, roughly, down on a much more comfortable recliner?

Sure, this is nothing big and complicated, but Biff18’s definitely got a sweet home theatre setup, mostly because it lets him stay close to his family.  And there’s never anything wrong with that!