Sweet Home Theater Systems – Basement Setup

Some of the best home theaters I’ve ever seen are contained in the basement.  And why not?  They’re often windowless–those that have windows are often small and easily covered over–and they’re large enough to host most any kind of theater you want.  Huge screens, huge speakers, authentic cinema lobbies–just about anything’s available in your basement.

And so today we’ve got another sweet home theater setup from a guy who put his in his basement.

Security was important to this guy–he went so far as to put a keypad lock on his home theater.  The room itself measures roughly fourteen by twenty one feet, which is pretty necessary as he’s got two subwoofers in there, as well as a Runco projector and a one hundred inch Firehawk screen to match.  He likely needs the length for the projector and screen.

He’ll go into great detail about the room’s construction, so if you’re looking to build your own, this guy will have lots of great advice for you.  And even if you’re not interested, you’ll love looking at this truly sweet home theater setup.