Sweet Home Theater Setups – Turn On The Fun

A bit out of date, I know, but it’s doubly fun because not only is this a sweet home theater setup, it’s also a sweet home theater setup concocted, in its entirety, by a guy who worked at Best Buy.

Maybe you’re wondering–and rightly so–how a guy who works at Best Buy could ever possibly afford a sweet home theater setup. This guy actually works in their research and development division, so he’s naturally better paid than all the blue shirts out there.  Sorry guys.

So he waded in to make a home theater setup that was part proving ground and part fun family gathering place.  He put in a slew of M&K speakers and receiver gear, a Stewart Firehawk one hundred six inch screen, a Sony four hundred DVD changer, and even a couple of strange components like a Toshiba HD DVD player and a Pioneer laserdisc.

Even looking at the picture is enough to make just about anybody wish they worked for Best Buy R&D, because even if you (used to) work for Circuit City, you’re still probably calling that a sweet home theater setup.