Sweet Home Theater Setups – The Well-Researched Home Theater

It may well be the ultimate secret of home theater installation: the more you do your homework before going into the construction phase, the smoother and easier the result will be.

And for this homeowner, that’s exactly how it went down.

This particular homeowner drew up plans for his system, researched who could supply things the way he wanted them, and even hired general contractors to tackle the construction, so that everything was built to his specifications.  And as a result, this is how he describes his theater’s construction:

“I don’t think I had any surprises, and no problems.”

No surprises. No problems.  Almost too good to be true.  But what else does he have in there?  Simple enough–he’s got an Epson PowerLite projector, Mirage speakers, Onkyo receiver, Sony Blu-ray player and plenty more.

So this just goes to show, when you put the time in at the beginning, that’s a whole lot less time you’ll have to put in at the end.  And it’s proof positive that this is one sweet home theater setup.