Sweet Home Theater Setups – The Washer and Dryer Setup

You likely won’t believe me when I tell you about this, but there’s a family out there that has managed to defy all possible odds, reason, and good common sense to include one really unexpected feature in their home theater setup…

…a washer and dryer.

No, seriously!  A washer and dryer!  Last thing you’d ever expect to see in a home theater and they’ve got it there.  I’m amazed too. But it’s how they did it that’ll get you; they stacked the washer and dryer one on top of the other, and secured it in its own cabinet, just like any other piece of hardware.

And hardware they’ve got, too–how about a Panasonic sixty five inch plasma TV, Denon blu-ray player, SpeakerCraft speakers, and plenty more besides?  Yeah, that’s plenty enough hardware for most any audio- or videophile.

And considering that it’ll even manage to wash your clothes, well, that’s got to be a sweet home theater setup and nothing less.