Sweet Home Theater Setups – The Two Month Race

Remember how I was talking about slow and steady winning the home theater race?  How great it was that some people took their time and learned everything they could about home theater before they installed theirs?  Well…for Audiovisual Concepts And Solutions’ Andy Caraballo, that means less than nothing.

This guy actually had a two month deadline, start to finish, and he was working under a handicap that would balk most of us–the client in question was an interior designer.

Yeah.  Basically, this is the equivalent of trying to remove a doctor’s appendix, or trying a lawyer’s tax case.   But as you can see from the picture at right, Caraballo definitely came through.  And what did he put in there?  Well, there’s a lot of sweet gear in there–he’s got Acoustic Innovations home theater seating, a SIM2 projector, a Da-Lite projector screen and speakers from James Loudspeakers.

For putting together a home theater setup that made an interior designer happy, well, that can only be called sweet.