Sweet Home Theater Setups – The Two Minute Special

Folks, I’m growing to love YouTube for the incredible array of video that it brings me to talk about, especially when it comes to proud home theater owners showing off their pride and joy in video form.  And today, the video in question is only going to take two minutes to show, but it’ll give you PLENTY to think about.

Like how unbelievably cool it is to have a remote control that turns your lights on and off, for one.

But it’s not just awesome little traits like that in a two minute video that catch your eye–the equipment manifest is also nice and chunky too.  Included in this home theater setup is a Denon receiver, a Samsung Blu-ray player that can stream Netflix, Blockbuster, Pandora, and YouTube, an Xbox 360 Elite, a Wii, Klipsch speakers, a Sony projector, and a Draper one hundred and six inch screen.

When you put all of that together, you’re left with a home theater setup that can only be called sweet.