Sweet Home Theater Setups – The Tropical Paradise

Now, you might think that just having a home in the magnificent sunny paradise known as Honolulu would be enough good fortune for any one lifetime.  But for one homeowner, it’s not good enough to be in some of the nicest weather on earth–you’ve got to have a sweet home theater setup, too.

And sweet it is.  Outfitted by iDesigns by Michael,  this theater packs an almost uncomfortable amount of beauty and power into one clean and highly efficient package.

The theater itself contains a huge array of Velodyne and Speakercraft speakers, and a host of Netstream audio and video products.  Literally the entire house is wired for sound on one level or another, and it shows throughout.

It’s amazing to get a home theater setup that’s actually very sweet by itself, but almost pales in comparison with the rest of the house.  And at that stage of the game, it must be a sweet setup.