Sweet Home Theater Setups – The Textbook Case

Just uploaded yesterday was this fantastic video of a truly sweet home theater setup.  And though they didn’t include a whole lot of technical details, I call this one the textbook case, because it does such an excellent job of showing off the basic principles of a home theater system.  Let’s take a look.

You can see from the video that this is either in a basement or in an above ground room with very small windows.  This makes light control a relatively easy procedure, because the less light gets in, the less you have to do to adequately darken a room.

You can also see that the room is painted in a dark, almost chocolate brown, which is again textbook in that brown has been historically shown to increase contrast on a filmscreen, similar to the kind seen in the video, although that could just be an unusually large television, as I couldn’t spot a projector in there anywhere.

At this point I’m splitting hairs, because this is a nicely laid out home theater setup, and obeys so many basic principles that you really can’t call it anything but sweet.