Sweet Home Theater Setups-The Start of Something Big

We’ve all seen some really great home theater setups here…between the themed rooms and the setups that are just so ungodly huge that they take your breath away with sheer awe, there’s plenty of great ones out there.

But let’s not forget the guy just getting started, with the little system in the corner of his living room.  This is from whence big home theaters come about, you know.  And today, we’re following a video walkthrough of a guy who’s already looking to expand.

And what better to show off a home theater setup with than The Incredible Hulk?  Okay, so there are LOTS of other possibilities–call me a throwback but I say that Jurassic Park can do the job up nicely too–but this one’s definitely worthwhile.

He’s got a fifty eight inch Samsung 1080p plasma television, a Marantz receiver and mono block for his center channel speaker,  a Sony blu-ray player, a set of Paradigm speakers, a pair of Velodyne subwoofers and more besides.  He’s hoping to expand to a DLP projector and screen at some point, though he’ll likely have to do some juggling to get it in as it won’t do well in a corner.

But for the start, well, he’s got a pretty sweet home theater setup there.