Sweet Home Theater Setups – The Really Big Screen

Okay, folks, on the surface, the sweet home theater setup might not look all that sweet.  In fact, it might look downright mundane.  But this home theater setup’s got one special extra feature that makes it a killer model.

How does a one hundred sixty inch screen strike you?

Yeah, I know, like a bolt out of the very blue, that’s how it strikes you.  That’s exactly how it struck me too.  That screen comes from Draper Onyx, and it is a suitable monster.  Plus, it even has motorized curtains mounted in front of it for that magnificent cinematic drama experience.

But before you get to thinking that this theater’s all show and no go, think again.  Because backing up that awesome screen is a JVC projector, a Marantz receiver and Blu-ray player, TWO Velodyne subwoofers, and plenty more besides.

For a theater that has plenty of great equipment AND a monster screen besides, well, the only thing you can say about it is that it is SWEET.