Sweet Home Theater Setups-The One That Started A Company

It’s possible you’ve already heard the name of Ruben Ortiz, the guy who build SmX Cinema Solutions, a company that deals primarily in home theater gear.  But what you may not know is that his company got his start as part of his very own sweet home theater setup.

He developed what’s called an “acoustically transparent screen surface”, which basically reduces the amount of sound distortion caused by the screen.  Naturally, one of his screens is in his own home theater (which may well be the strongest endorsement anyone can give a product) but it’s not just the choice screen that makes Ruben Ortiz’s home theater setup a sweet one.

You can tell from the picture that he’s got one of those awesome star fields in there, which alone makes most any home theater setup a sweet one, but he’s also got Crown amps, Klipsch speakers, an Xbox
360 and a PS3, which of course serve double-duty as DVD and Blu-ray players, and a SIM2 C3X Lumis 1080 projector.  Plus there’s his own SmX screen, which is a whopping one hundred and forty inches.

When you care enough to use your own custom-designed hardware, it can’t be any less than a sweet home theater setup.