Sweet Home Theater Setups – The Oddly Shaped Room

Okay, folks, time for a little of that old fashioned brutal honesty.  Not everyone will have a perfect rectangular or square room to put their home theater hardware in.  In fact, more than likely, most will have to deal with some unusual shaping, which means figuring out ways to deal with horrendous acoustics.

And in the case of today’s sweet home theater, they had a whole lot of weird nooks and crannies to work around.  I’d say the room was at least partially hexagonal with some…odd lumps.  So to work around that, they added various wood features to the room to give it a sort of defining feature, like a proscenium.  Then they added the hardware.

And oh, what hardware it was–they put in a Marantz projector, an SMX screen, Triad speakers and a Denon DVD player.  Plus, because the homeowner in question had a large family, they’ve got seating for eight.

The huge handicap that was the oddly shaped room becoming an incredible home theater setup definitely qualifies this for sweet home theater status.