Sweet Home Theater Setups – The Multipurpose Basement

Ah, the multipurpose basement.  Sometimes called the playroom in times past, it represents a great, truly sort of American utility in which families troop down into the basement to do most of their playing.  The kids have their friends over, the folks might have a party, family game night usually goes on down there.  But sometimes, the multipurpose basement takes on a whole new life as a home theater setup.

Considering that this particular multipurpose basement had about twenty five hundred square feet of space to work with, there was more than enough for lots of accoutrements like a bar, an exercise area, and of course a home theater.  It seats a dozen people, for crying out loud.  It’s also right in the middle of everything, so it’s almost a focal point of the room.

Plus, there’s plenty of fantastic media goodies in here too, like a Sony projector, a Stewart filmscreen, Sonus speakers, a Sony Blu-ray player, and plenty more.

You add up the sheer utility found in this room, considering that it’s only a very small part of the whole, and you come to one inescapable conclusion–it’s one sweet home theater setup.