Sweet Home Theater Setups – The Million Dollar Goldmund

Now THIS is a new and interesting twist, so let me know if it works for you.  Seriously, hit the comments section and let me know.  Today, we’re going to profile a sweet home theater setup that you can watch ON your sweet home theater setup!

That’s right, so just fire up your home theater PC, get on this site here and check out the video of a sweet home theater setup as set up by ultimate top end component producer Goldmund.

You’ll notice that the guy hosting the show is given to hyperbole, though not a whole lot of what he’s saying is that new any more.  We’ve all heard about houses as showrooms, and a one million dollar home theater setup, even in 2008 dollars, is nothing against some prices.  But it’s still a monster theater–have you even heard of a thirty-two channel surround sound setup?  Goldmund has, and they put it in right here.

Now you have too–and you can check out this incredible theater in the video below.