Sweet Home Theater Setups – The Million Dollar Audio Setup

We’ve talked about some really sweet home theater setups up and down the dial, from bargain basement theaters to the spectacularly extravagant.  But very few home theaters breach that seven figure mark, and today, we’ve got one that did.

Ivan Messer’s home theater setup contains fully one million dollars worth of audio products alone. In fact, most every single audio component installed in the array comes in multiples.  What he’s got in there is downright shocking, and he built this setup mostly to prove that he could.

What does he have in there, you’re probably asking by now?  It’s downright phenomenal–here’s the rundown:  a one hundred twenty inch Stewart Filmscreen, a Sony projector, two Sony Bravia televisions (one forty inch and one fifty two inch), and two–yes, TWO–Sony HD receivers.

But here’s where it gets wild:  he’s got fully twenty four McIntosh MC-1.2KW amplifiers.  Your jaw might drop there, but hold it in–this home theater setup has a GRAND TOTAL of fully, unless I misread the spec sheet, thirty eight amplifiers. I had to do some MATH in there because there’s maybe eight different kinds of McIntosh amp in there.  There are another eight McIntosh speaker systems on top of that, plus an additional nine regular McIntosh speakers.

It’s a sound system that might be classifiable as a weapon if you pick the right song, and for that reason, it’s definitely one sweet home theater setup.