Sweet Home Theater Setups-The Irish Pub Redux

I talked about another Irish pub home theater not too long ago, but this one, oh this one is a whole different animal.  This one, you see, isn’t just a home theater with a little Irish pub wedged into a corner–this is an actual home theater setup INSIDE an Irish pub replica and all put in someone’s basement.

The authenticity on this thing will blow your mind outright.  Not only is there a full-on home theater down there, with tons of hardware like a Crestron ST-CP2EPAK-C17 control system, a series of JBL amplifiers, surround processors and subwoofers, a Da-Lite one hundred and nineteen inch screen and plenty more besides, there’s also three other big-screen TVs, a poker table, a pool table and a full-on WINE CELLAR.

Allegedly, there’s room in there for sixty people and it’s entirely possible that, given adequate food, you could go down there and not come up for an entire winter.  Frankly, with all that hardware, it’s definitely possible.

And any room that’s capable of sustaining sixty people for a night, or one man for the winter, must be considered one hellaciously sweet home theater setup.