Sweet Home Theater Setups – The Homemade Speaker Theater

People who plan to install home theater gear usually spend a lot of time considering just what kind of sound system they should install.  Should they get it in one of those all in one boxes?  Should they build a component system piece by piece by piece?

Well, if you’re Scott Vonhof, you don’t go either route.  You BUILD YOUR OWN.

Apparently, Scott owned four Peerless woofers, and these were the basis for his four compact-cabinet speakers.   Later, to get the surround sound experience, he added a center channel speaker and a couple of matching rear speakers.  But this wasn’t all he added, no sir!  Or ma’am, as the case may be.

He also threw in a Denon receiver, an LG DVD player, a Sony projector and a Stewart Filmscreen one hundred inch screen.  Plus, he even managed to find time to make his own subwoofer.

When you consider the sheer amount of hand tooling that went into this home theater setup, you know it has to be called sweet.  There’s no way to do anything but.