Sweet Home Theater Setups – The High Rise Theater

You might not think that a New York high rise theater would be the best place for a sweet home theater setup.  After all, these places are mostly glass and steel–the sunlight alone would be horrendous.  And besides, who wants to distract from all those incredible views of the city by blocking windows with hardware?

Well, sometimes, you can have both, as is evidenced by today’s sweet home theater setup.

How do they get around those problems I mentioned?  Easy–the screen is mounted in a retractable housing located just above a set of windows.  Most of the rest of the equipment has been slipped away in a nearby wall cutout, accessible by a closet, so the closet can still be used.  New Yorkers, you know how precious closet space is, and this solution works around that.

As for the hardware involved, that screen is a ninety two inch Vutec, and it’s backed up by a forty two inch Panasonic plasma television, an array of Speakercraft speakers, and plenty of other gear to boot.

For fitting a home theater setup in a really tight space with a maximum of efficiency and quality, you just have to call this one sweet and be done with it.