Sweet Home Theater Setups – The Guiltless Green Home Theater

Maybe you don’t exactly feel GUILTY when you sit down to watch a movie.  Maybe you don’t feel a wracking pain in your gullet for all the poor critters your indulgence is killing.  Maybe, in fact, you think that this whole global warming thing is all a giant scam.  Well, you’re certainly not alone on that score!  In fact, a whole lot of people agree with you.  But just in case you think your home theater viewing should be a little more ecologically conscious, well, we’ve got just the thing for you–the guiltless green home theater.

On the surface, this looks like nothing so much as a normal home theater setup, but there’s one crucial difference.  This theatre is connected to four solar panels that create juice sufficient for nineteen hours of movie watching a week.

Nineteen hours…what is that, some kind of joke?  I once did nineteen hours in a DAY, let alone a week!  And it probably cost an extra ten grand to put those panels in play (they actually say it’ll take four years for this panel array to pay itself off)…but anyway!

There’s plenty of awesome stuff in this home theater too–and though they don’t mention any supplier names, they’ve put in a projector, a six-channel receiver, an array of speakers for surround sound, and a hundred inch filmscreen.

So, okay–maybe the guiltless angle is stretching things a bit, but still, it’s definitely a sweet home theater setup for not putting any strain on the power bill for the first nineteen hours!