Sweet Home Theater Setups – The Geodesic Dome Home Theater

Admittedly, this sweet home theater setup is a bit more sweet because of where it is than for what it does or what’s inside it, but there’s plenty of that sort of good stuff in here too.

Yes, the home theater setup in question is inside a geodesic dome house, and that by itself makes it unusually sweet.  But there’s plenty of power in this theater, so it’s not just a pretty face.

What kind of component load’s in here, you ask?  Well, just to kick things off, we’ve got a Runco projector (DLP variety, in case you’re interested), a one hundred five inch Stewart filmscreen that’s working in 2.35, a collection of B&W speakers, Marantz amplifier, Sony blu-ray player, and plenty of lighting and system controls throughout.

And as you can see from the picture above, too, you’ll see that this is a pretty sweet looking (and sweet ACTING, too, by the look of it) home theater setup.