Sweet Home Theater Setups: The Gamer Arcade Theater

There are still some theaters out there–I personally know of one not too far from my very doorstep–that incorporate a game room into the lobby. And now, a home theater setup does the same thing.

Dino Theo is a man who knows what he wants, and when it comes to home theater, what he wants is everything.  The picture at right is a shot of the lobby of the home theater he built, and yes, those are slot machines and pinball games.

But it’s not all fun and games down in Dino’s theater, it’s also fun and MOVIES.  To that end, he’s got plenty of theatrical hardware involved in this setup too, including Rocket speakers, a Draper ninety six inch projection screen, and a Panasonic projector.

Pinball machines rebuilt by hand, an arcade machine emulator with tons of games, and plenty of choice hardware to view the greatest in movie fare.  Dino Theo’s got one sweet home theater setup here, make no mistake about that.