Sweet Home Theater Setups – The Ervin Family Home Theater

All right folks, I’ve got another sweet home theater setup, and this time, it’s got its own video!

The Ervin family designed this video around their sweet home theater setup, and I’ve got it directly below.

First, you’ll notice that it has its own title card, plus a lot of interesting accoutrements that the Ervins will walk us through, and explain in some detail.  Well, sufficient detail to fill up a five minute video, anyway.

But it’s not just the little touches that make the Ervins’ home theater setup a sweet one–there’s also plenty of solid equipment in here.  Equipment like a one hundred and six inch Elite fixed projector screen, Epson projector, Onkyo 7.1 surround sound home theater system (even comes with a THX rating!), Sony blu-ray player, and to tie it all together, a Logitech 1100 Harmony Universal Remote.

There’s no doubt about it that the Ervins have one sweet home theater setup on their hands, and hopefully, they’ll get many happy years of use out of it.