Sweet Home Theater Setups – The Elvis Theater

It’s not every home theater setup that can say it’s played host to both The King, Elvis Presley, and The Duke, John Wayne.  But today’s home theater setup can say just that.

Kind of.

More accurately, the centerpiece of this home theater is not the screen, or the hardware, but rather a gigantic mural of some of Hollywood’s all time greats.  Among them are the two mentioned earlier and plenty of others.  But we’ve also got a pool table in here, arcade games, pinball machines, and a load of awesome theater equipment.

How awesome?  Try a Sony projector, a one hundred nineteen inch Da-Lite screen, a Denon receiver, a Sony four hundred DVD carousel, a Sony Blu-ray player, and B&W speakers with matching subwoofer.

When you tack all that hardware on to all those great extras and an artistic flair besides, well, about the only thing you can say about this is that it’s definitely a sweet home theater setup.