Sweet Home Theater Setups: The Drive In Home Theater

When I saw this my jaw dropped in a kind of joyful alarm.  I had never thought of something like this myself, and yet, in retrospect, it’s the most perfect idea EVER.  Ken Allwine managed to stun me into incoherence by creating a drive in home theater…in his driveway.

It quite literally is the PERFECT idea.  You’re already in the car.  There’s enough room in the driveway for a car and then some, so why not put up a projector screen and make your own drive in theater!

Most of his equipment is housed inside the garage so it’s protected from the elements, but outside is a speaker array and the eight by twelve foot screen.  It’s a pretty big setup, with room for thirty or forty people (not thirty or forty CARS, though), and shields the viewers from the lights and sound of the street outside.  Viewers actually say it works like a small amphitheater.

But by way of specifics, it’s got a Crown amplifier, a Sony DVD player, an InFocus projector, Fisher speakers and some extra custom gear.

When a theater can present the kind of thing that anyone probably should have thought of before, but didn’t, well…it’s got to be a sweet home theater setup.