Sweet Home Theater Setups – The Dive In

And no, that is NOT a typo, kids.  That’s DIVE, as in plunge, in theater.  And it’s one of today’s sweet home theater setups.

It’s a monster, too–see, this homeowner had a pool outdoors.  Lots of us do, right?  Sure.  But this one had this really nice sort of cabana outside, which they tricked out with a collection of hardware, including Epson projector, Yamaha receiver, Niles speakers and a screen.

Now, you might think that this would be a bad idea, that the first windy day would rip that pricey screen to shredded fabric bits, but no!  See, they installed an anemometer (and for those of you not up on your science, an anemometer measures wind speed), so that when the wind hits a sustained five miles an hour or higher for seven seconds, the screen AUTOMATICALLY retracts into its housing!  How AWESOME is that??

Terribly awesome, I’d say.  The remote even floats so they can watch the screen from the pool without risk of losing the remote.  Put all those together in one convenient package and you’ve got a truly sweet home theater setup.