Sweet Home Theater Setups – The Daddy Day Care Theater

When a chef and a drummer decide to set up a home theater in their basement, and the drummer takes care of all the details and watches their young son whilst the chef is at work (just in case you’re wondering, the lady in this scenario is the chef) you can get some pretty amazing things out of it.

Naturally, considering a musician was handling the setup on this one, the biggest point in the entire setup was the audio, and he went sufficiently all out setting up the audio.  In fact, the audio portion of this setup was SO good, that he describes how he was listening to a Radiohead song, and while listening, he heard a bell that he had never heard before.  If you’ve listened to any Radiohead recently, you know how hard it can be to catch one detail like that.

And he’s got plenty of choice components in here too–stuff like a JVC projector, a Stewart filmscreen, and a speaker combination of Triangle and Cambridge SoundWorks speakers.

It’s an amazing setup, made all the more amazing by the fact that he built it while watching his young son.