Sweet Home Theater Setups – The Custom Woodworking Theater

We look at a long list of things when it comes to sweet home theater setups.  We look at equipment and seating and all the little extras like availability of snacks and everything in between.  But today, we’ve got something new to take notice of–the woodworking.

The so-called “Rose Valley Project” contains LOTS of custom woodworking.  Sure, many theaters do, as they’ll include some scrolling or filigrees or little extra touches here and there.  But this theater takes wood to an absolutely unheard of level and makes it almost the entire theater.  As we’ve said here many times, brown, especially that darker chocolate brown, is the perfect color for best contrast in a home theater.  There’s nothing much more brown than wood.

And it’s not just the woodwork that makes this a sweet home theater setup.  There’s also plenty of great hardware in here like a one hundred and ten inch Stewart Filmscreen CineCurve Firehawk screen, JVC projector, Marantz receiver, and Sony Blu-ray player.

Between the great equipment and the custom woodwork, there’s plenty to like about this sweet home theater setup.