Sweet Home Theater Setups – The Brazilian

One thing I don’t see very much of, despite the fact that I look for this stuff every weekday, is home theater setups from other countries.  There are plenty of American setups out there, but when I found a video today of one from Brazil–or at least that’s what the guy who posted this video was suggesting down in his comments section–I was definitely surprised.

The home theater is not just an American invention, folks.  In fact, people from all around the world are embracing this new concept in home living, eschewing overpriced movies for a night at home.  And as our Brazilian friend shows off his setup via a video and a song from Depeche Mode, we should also bear in mind he’s got plenty of great equipment in there too.

Equipment like a Yamaha receiver, a Pioneer DVD, CD, and even a laser disc player, speakers from infinity and Panasonic, an Infocus projector and plenty more besides!

Our Brazilian friend has loads of choice equipment, and showing it off for us confirms that this truly is one sweet home theater setup.