Sweet Home Theater Setups – The Bonus Room Wall Theater

Home theater buffs, and anyone else planning to install their own home theater, listen up, because I’ve got an inspirational story for you today.  What happens when you can’t get one decent wall in your whole home theater room?

One of the biggest aspects of your sweet home theater setup is a projection screen.  Sure, you can have one with a plasma screen or an LCD, but there’s just nothing quite like the overhead projector with screen.  And when you don’t have a wall to put one on, well, you just have to build one.

And what goes along with the specially built wall, you ask?  Oh, plenty, of course.  How about a Sony projector with matching Blu-ray player and four hundred disc DVD changer, a Denon receiver (that screen, by the way, is a hundred and ten inch Da-lite) and several Bowers and Wilkins speakers.

When you’re willing to engage in construction projects like a whole new wall, well, that’s just entirely too sweet for words.