Sweet Home Theater Setups – The Bar Home Theater

We’ve seen bar-based home theaters before.  This may well represent one of the greatest recreational advancements known to mankind, as it combines most people’s favorite recreational activities into one clean and simple package; drinking and watching movies.

So whenever I read about someone who puts a home theater setup in their home bar–or is it a home bar in their home theater setup–all I can say is “sweet”.

Now, of course, if this were just a bar we wouldn’t even be bothering to talk about it, so naturally, you know there’s some sweet home theater gear in here too.  After all, it can’t very well be a sweet home theater setup if it doesn’t have the sweet home theater gear, right?  Well, how do THREE LG televisions sound?  Pretty good?  Well, we’re not done yet.  Tack on Speakercraft speakers and a Yamaha five disc DVD player and now you’ve got a sweet home theater setup.  And when you consider it’s got a full bar?

Let’s just say that doesn’t make it any less sweet.